Establish your own business


The municipality of Lierne offers, through its own consulent, services to businesses in Lierne . The service includes project management, guidance and coaching in connection with start-ups and business development.

In your business start up there are often many questions that we can help you answer. In addition, various economic grants that can make it easier for you to get started. Below is a list of some of the grant providers:

Grants from the municipality
The municipality has a smaller pot of funds that are directed towards on an early study phase of a project. Funding amount of up to NOK . 15,000.-

Regional fund for Inner Namdal
The funds are primarily intended for feasability studies, pilot projects, business development / product development, less investment , etc.

Innovation Norway
Large projects / establishments , business development , product development and investments. Read more about subsidy at .

Given to all industries . Can be applied both to the phase of development and establishment. More information at .

Incubator Grants
Given to all industries except agriculture. Projects with high knowledge and technology levels that invent products / services that are appropriate for an international market .

Projects in agriculture. Will go to business development in agriculture and agricultural resources , which can provide profitable and long-term value creation.

We have also other possibilities
For further information please contact kjell.urdshals @ or phone: +47 90 52 74 32