Stortangen school

Stortangen School is a combined primary and secondary school with about 100 students. The school is a brand new building from 2013. The school is built togheter with Lierne sportshall. The outdoor area has also been upgraded, with new play area, artificial grass, athletics tracks in asphalt, sprint track skiing and beach volleyballcoart.

Within Vaajmaprosjektet Stortangen school also have a neighbor school on the other side of the border to Sweden. It isFrostviksskolan” at Gäddede. The various steps have 1-2 days every year where they collaborate with their neighborschool.
Stortangen school has in recent years used stationteaching as a teaching mehod in basic subjects at lower levels.  The personnel conducted a visit to Nylund school in Stavanger, which has developed a good educational practices with station teaching method, particularly in guided reading.


Contact information:

Stortangen school
Headmaster Jon Sigvald Pedersen
Phone: +47 74 34 34 60        E-mail: