Sørli School

Sørli school is a combined primary- and secondary school with approximately 100 pupils. Through four stages of rebuilding during the last ten years, the school has been restored. The school is now in a good condition. During the last stage, which was ready in autumn 2013, the school got a commercial kitchen. This will contribute the implementation of school meals for all pupils. The outdoor area around the school is large, including a playground with different equipment, an enclosed ballgame area and a full size football ground in gravel.

From 2012 to 2014 Sørli school has taken part in a Comenius project along with six other countries (Germany, The Netherlands, Romania, France and Estonia). The project is finished in spring 2014. The regional project Vaajma will also be finished then. This is a project crossing the borders between Sweden and Norway, between the Norwegian counties Lierne and Røyrvik and the Swedish counties Strömsund and Krokom. Sørli school’s nearest neighbours on the other side of the border is Valsjöbyn school and these two schools regularly cooperate in different activities across the border.

Everyday Life In Lierne written by students from Sørli!


Contact information:

Sørli skole
Headmaster Karl Olav Skogen
Phone: + 47 74 34 35 60        E-mail: karl.olav.skogen@lierne.kommune.no