Sandvika Nursery school

Sandvika nursery school is a municipal nursery school with two sections, “Stjerna” and “Sola”. (The star and the sun). The nursery school has room for 30 children. The nursery school has excellent access to qualified personnel with long experience.

In recent years, parts of the nursery school has gone through several steps to get at good physical indoors and outdoors environment. Based on wiches from parents the children spend a lot of time outside in the woods, in the mountains, by the sea and also at the area of the preschool. The outdoor area at the preschool is big and invites to many varied tasks. The children can also spend time outside at the nursery schools timber-lean. The sportshall with swimmingpool i located about 500 meters from the nursery school. Here comes the children and personnel when they have sport-activities and swimming at their program!

Every year in March / April the children and personnel goes to the “Kvelifjellet” (mountain 5 km north) /”Kvennmyra” for a winter camp. The children go by bus to / from Kvelifjellet and goes cross- country to the tent at the winter camp. During these days the children play in the snow, fish, robogganing and barbecues. The nursery school also have their own boat, so they can go fishing in the late summer and autumn. In the sommer 2013 the parenst association contributed to set up a barbecue house inside the nursery school area.


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Sandvika nursery school
Eva Bruvoll Bach
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