Live in Lierne

Raw nature , fresh air , energy , but at the same time harmony. Development, humor and warm -heartedness – in perfect unison! Amid all this, we live all our time , or part of our time in Lierne. Life in Lierne must be experienced with all senses! The project” Bolyst Lierne ” presents Lierne. Small samples in text and pictures for those who live in Lierne and those interested in Lierne . Take part in Lierne! These samples will show you various possibilities on where to stay, live and how to be involved in Lierne.

Well-being and community in Lierne is like a small seed of a mountainbirch.

Through generations the seed has rooted itself, it has grown powerful and lifestrong.

The mountainbirch has many branches that embrace, it embraces many

– give it the opportunity to embrace more people, including you!

You get information about job possibilities in Lierne and surrounding areas, available houses and apartments  to rent. Lierne has an excelent childhood environment. Take a look at the presentation of our schools!

As new in Norway you can also get information about your rights, obligations and opportunities, as well as practical advice  in your new everyday! Use NEW IN NORWAY

As a new resident, you also have assistanse available from the “Residence coordinator”. Please contact us!
Aerial photographs taken by Heli Foto AS
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